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Official download link for YOWhatsApp update V9.90(anti-ban)

If you are looking for the latest download link of YOWhatsApp APK, then you can come and download it. This time we will not only explain the update content of YOWhatsApp, but also explain the exclusive features of YOWhatsApp.

YOWhatsApp APK V9.90 update content

Updated : 06-2023

Base :


  • [Fixed] Group privacy not in group settings
  • [Fixed] Hidden chat show in search
  • [Fixed] Copy Caption for media
  • [Fixed] Normal backup at 2am
  • [Fixed] Calls crash on some phones
  • [Fixed] Auto Reply page random crash on some phones
  • [Fixed] Select status video random crash
  • [Fixed] Fingerprint lock settings issues
  • [Fixed] Calls crash on some phones
  • [Improved] Double Tap to Like
  • [Updated] Hebrew and other translations
  • [Misc] Other fixes

Add + Enhance + Other

  • Exclusive Added Call Rejection type options
  • Exclusive Double Tap to Like 👍 a msg!
  • Enable Privacy “my contacts except…” feature
  • Enable Send any emoji as reactions. Click “+” icon
  • Enable Listen to voice note after chat exit in background
  • Added “No internet (stays “Calling”)” option for Call rejection type 📲👻
  • Added “Direct Contact Link” option for chats (Chat > 3-dots).
  • Allows you to share any whatsapp contact quickly, without sending your saved details
  • Added Confirm before sending Status (image/video) option (YOMods > Home Screen)
  • Added “Chat Backup” option to crash page
  • Added more in-chat translate languages: “Vietnamese”, “Tamil”, “Urdu”, “Gujarati”, “Punjabi”, “Bengali”
  • Added Ability to set “Search Web” or use Emoji for Profile Photo
  • Misc YOThemes and Backup/Restore settings page now show folder location
  • Misc YOThemes folder moved to /Download/YOThemes
  • Misc Now can be installed on top of other mods directly.
  • Misc Improved Anti-ban
  • Misc Many other fixes and improvements that we forgot :p
  • Misc Other fixes and improvements
  • Improved Start moving to WA new folder location
  • Improved YOMods settings Translation

IMP Note:

Reactions to message will mark as read (if hide blue tick is enabled). No need to reply after to make blue tick!.

Misc Many other fixes and improvements

Exclusive features

WhatsApp developers are constantly adding new features to WhatsApp, but they are unable to provide users with some features that are more important in terms of privacy and security.

Like Hide Last Seen, Customize, Themes, Change Styles, App Lock, Conversation Lock, Privacy Module, Anti-Ban and more! We’ll briefly discuss these features, so let’s get started!

Freeze last seen:

Enabling this feature will give you peace of mind when using WhatsApp, and you can use WhatsApp without interruptions because other people can’t see the last thing you saw.

Who can call me?

As the name suggests, you can block incoming calls from anyone you don’t want to contact. You just go to their profile and turn on the feature. When someone you block calls you, the call hangs up automatically. Just be careful in an emergency. Someone on the other end may be in dire need. Just use it for totally annoying people, I guess.

A blue tick is displayed after a reply.

Unlike messages where you see a blue tick even if you don’t reply, this feature only shows the tick after you reply. It’s handy for busy people who can’t replay right away.

Undelete messages.

In the original WhatsApp, when someone deleted a message from a conversation, you could no longer read it. With YoWA, you can still read personal deleted messages on the other end. No one can hide from you in the future!

Undelete state.

This one allows you to view stories and watch videos of friends who have deleted such content. So you don’t miss seeing what’s going on.

Hide view state.

With this flag, the person on the other end won’t see your title in their status view list. In short, you are invisible. You can see his status, but he can’t see you.

YoThemes Store:

YoThemes is the ultimate one-stop shop for everyone who is tired of the regular WhatsApp green themes and wants to try something new. Download and apply 4000+ themes for free without paying a cent.

You can also upload and make your own with your favorite pictures, and the process is very simple.

Customize homepage and conversation screens.

You are free to change the home screen and dialog interface; however, you need it like. You have full control over the various components on the screen, so go ahead and change the look of the tabs, text, background, and whatever you have.

Contact the online notifier.

You’ll get alerts when your contacts come online. It’s that simple.

Change the text size of the home screen.

You can also change the text size on the home screen.

Set your name on the app home screen.

You can change the text on the app’s home screen to show your handle and show your status on the home screen.

Hide chat dividers.

No more chat partners! This feature removes those chat dividers and gives your chat screen a unique look.

Change the launcher icon.

you can also change the launcher image. No need for third-party icon apps because YoWhatsApp has it all.

Set custom wallpapers for each contact.

Your chat box background is no longer boring. You can set custom wallpapers for your chat with your friends. You can set a different background for each contact.

Hide date and time when copying messages.

This way, the time and date of the message you copied will no longer appear, and you’ll be left with the text you actually want to copy.

Hide contact profile picture.

If you don’t want to see photos of your contacts, you can enable this feature and only your friends’ names will be displayed.

Hide contact names and call buttons.

This feature removes your contact’s name from the header, and only their image appears – the exact opposite of the previous one.


  • Send videos up to 700 MB.
  • Send images at full resolution
  • Send more than 10 images at the same time.
  • Built-in Whatsapp locker.

If you are concerned about your privacy and security while using YoWhatsApp, you need to make sure you are protected. It is important to lock your account. If you suspect someone has hacked your YoWhatsApp account, you should take immediate action.

To keep you safe from these threats, you should enable two-factor authentication so you can confirm your identity using only your phone number. This will help protect your account from unauthorized downloads. If you are using an older version, please do a yowhatsapp update to keep it up to date.


The latest version of YOWhatsApp APK is a very good mob, it has constantly updated functions and the experience is very good.

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