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How to hide Yo WhatsApp’s online status to better protect privacy?

In Yo WhatsApp, online status shows when the user last used the app on the platform and whether they are currently using it. Also, “recently viewed” doesn’t mean the person saw their last message, but the last time they used WhatsApp. The blue check mark next to the message is the only way to know if anyone has seen it.

How do I like a message on YoWhatsApp?

YoWhatsApp is a global instant messaging application. In the latest version, there is a new feature for all users: “Message Reaction”, which allows you to react to messages using emojis. You can tell each other how the recipient feels about the message you sent. To answer the question “How do I like a message on YoWhatsApp?” you need to use the “Message Reaction” feature.

¿Cómo puedo saber quién ha visto mi perfil de WhatsApp Plus?

Como en cualquier red social, hay personas con las que no quieres comunicarte en línea. Entonces, ¿sabes cuántos de tus contactos ven tu perfil de WhatsApp Plus cada día por diversos motivos, tienes protección contra los acosadores de WhatsApp Plus y hay alguna forma de ver quién ha visitado mi perfil de WhatsApp Plus?

How can I mark everyone in a WhatsApp Plus group?

When you send important messages in a WhatsApp Plus group and want someone from that group to see them. You should use the “Tag” function. This allows you to draw the attention of the group members who need to receive the information and remind them to read it.