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How can I mark everyone in a WhatsApp Plus group?

WhatsApp Plus

When you send important messages in a WhatsApp Plus group and want someone from that group to see them. You should use the “Tag” function. This allows you to draw the attention of the group members who need to receive the information and remind them to read it.

Mark all WhatsApp Plus group members with the “@” symbol. The steps are as follows.

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WhatsApp Plus

To mark all members of a WhatsApp group Plus:

  • Open WhatsApp Plus. And select the group in which you want to mark people.
  • On the group Message screen, press the Message window.
  • Press the “@” button in the message window.
  • You will then see a list of the names of all contacts in this group.
  • Click on the name you want to register (if you want to register the next person, add an “@” and copy the steps above). You can copy these steps to reach more people.
  • Once you have selected all the Numbers you want to touch, you can type your message (or you can choose not to type any message below, but simply “touch “the people) and hit the send button.

As mentioned above, the people you typed will accept “tap” messages even if they have blocked group notifications in WhatsApp Plus.

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