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How do I delete the GBwahtsapp user status

Hide your online status in GB WhatsApp

When using GBWhatsApp, many users have many questions while enjoying the functions. Many functions are not well understood and do not know how to operate, such as how to hide the online status, how to make the friends in the gbWhatsApp list not see my status, in It is impossible to set hidden online status in WhatsApp, but the function of GBWhatsApp is to set hidden online status.

On GBWhatsApp, you upload your WhatsApp status and delete it, can the friends in the list still see your status, you can’t delete it from their GB WhatsApp account because there is a feature called “Anti-delete” option for GB WhatsApp users to view and read deleted statuses and messages separately. But don’t worry, it will be automatically removed from their account after 24 hours.

gb whatsapp download latest version
gb whatsapp download latest version

If you don’t want to show your future status to your friends in the list, you can change the status privacy. Follow this – Open WhatsApp > Click Status Tab > Click 3 Dots > Status Privacy > My Contacts.

Hide your online status in GB WhatsApp

You can hide your current status by removing the blue tick that appears when you receive a message. You can also turn off the last seen option if you want to remain anonymous. However, this will not prevent people from seeing your Last Seen status, GBWhatsApp will default your online status without setting a status

So you have to set the hidden status and select the contacts of that GB WhatsApp user, then your future status will be hidden from their GB WhatsApp

Is it possible in gbWhatsApp to prevent people who have disabled read receipts on WhatsApp from seeing my WhatsApp status?

This is possible, follow the steps below:

  • Settings -> Accounts -> Privacy -> Status
  • Click on the status, you will enter the status privacy

Now select the radio button as desired. Just find out who disabled read receipts and select the radio button with “Except My Contacts”. Select the contacts you don’t want to share your status with, then click the tick button in the upper right corner of your phone’s screen.

A setting update message will be displayed

To verify this, go to the privacy options, you will see the number of excluded contacts in the status options to see your status, and now list friends can’t see your privacy:

  • You can change who can
  • View your last meeting
  • View your profile photo
  • View your about information
  • View your status update
  • View read receipts
  • add you to the group

Of course, if you want to download multiple versions of WhatsApp, you can also download from this website, such as fm whatsapp latest version, fouad whatsapp latest version, yo whatsapp download apk, all support setting to hide online status.

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