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What is FMWhatsApp?

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging apps today. Because of popularity, other users have developed their own variety of mods. Considering that users have different needs, the development team has developed additional features that are not available in the official whatsapp. FMWhatsApp is one of the mods with these additional features.

The core purpose of the FMWhatsApp is to provide users with more useful features. If you are interested in learning more about it, you can reading on. Next will introduce you the main functions of FMWhatsApp in detail.

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Hide typing and recording action text

FMWhatsApp Hide typing and recording action text

Most users want to eliminate the “The other party is typing ……” feature. function. It often puts us in an awkward position when we don’t know what to say and we don’t reply to a contact for a long time. With FMWhatsApp, you can relax and type the perfect reply until you’re ready to send it!

Message a number without saving any contact

FMWhatsApp Message a number without saving any contact

Sometimes we need to send a few messages to a few people because of business or work. However, this doesn’t mean that you want their number to stick around on your phone’s contact list forever.

The mod lets you send messages without saving the number on your phone. This feature saves you all the fuss of having to delete the number after sending that one text.

Choose who can call you

FMWhatsApp Choose who can call you

When you are in an important occasion or have a happy time with your family, you don’t want to disturb you at all. Especially those who have been rejected by you many times. With FMWhatsApp, you could now choose who can call you and which contacts cannot. This feature is quite nice, especially for that friend who has an unpleasant calling voice, right?

Emoji variant

FMWhatsApp Emoji variant

Not everyone likes to use WhatsApp because of its monotonous and limited range of emojis. Some people love Apple emojis, others love Facebook emojis. So it’s better to stay according to your preference. FMWA lets you choose the Emoji variant. It has popular emoji set options like Facebook, Android P, Emoji One V3, Old Stock Emoji, and more.

Disable forwarded tag on messages

FMWhatsApp Disable forwarded tag on messages

In the original app, your contacts are notified if it is a forwarded message. With FMWhatsApp, you can now forward cool phrases and exciting content without being called out for your lack of originality. Use FMWhatsApp so that you could continue pretending to be the cool person that you’re not with your friends and family.


FMWhatsApp Customization

Bored of the same old plain theme? Maybe you’re tired of the stiffness of WhatsApp’s default font. Whatever it is, FMWhatsApp has the solution you are looking for. FM whatsapp allows users to create extraordinary WhatsApps. You can customise themes, backgrounds, chat bubbles, as well as hide online status and last seen.

The mod offers you choices like themes, wallpapers, fonts, and even a change in the interface. With a wide variety of customization options, you could design the messaging App however you want it. The best thing about it? It’s all free.

Freeze your last seen

Official WhatsApp will show Last Seen. However, most users are not very fond of this feature. With FMWhatsApp, users can freeze your last seen. Your contacts will not see this feature, so you can swim in FMWhatsApp without the burden and even keep track of their activities.

Hide delivered and blue ticks

We often don’t reply to our friends in time because of hurrying work and studies. When they see that a message has been read, but have not waited for a reply, it is inevitable that they will be lost.

While it’s a small mistake, this causes some problems in friendships and relationships, especially if it occurs often. Or maybe you’re not ready to come up with the perfect reply yet. Either way, hiding the blue tick notification is essential for these situations. With FMWhatsApp, the blue tick won’t show up on your friend’s WhatsApp until you’ve replied to them. Hence you can get on with what you’re doing without being forced to reply immediately.

Anti-Delete status and messages

You can’t see your friends’ deleted stories and statuses on WhatsApp . FMWhatsApp makes you see the stories and statuses that have already been deleted.

This feature is not restricted to stories and statuses, though. If your friend has deleted a message because it was sent to the wrong person or they accidentally sent an embarrassing text, you could still see it. This feature is useful for having a good laugh with your friends.

Show Blue ticks after Reply

One of the most important features of the FMWhatsapp for users is that it allows you to hide your online status. When you log in to FMWhatsapp and read messages sent over by your friends, they don’t even know about it. With the help of FMWhatsApp, they can only see the blue tick when you have finished replying to your contacts, not just viewing the messages.

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How To Install FMWhatsApp

Downloading and installing FMWhatsApp is simple and easy for your desktop or laptop computer. Here are some steps for your benefit:

First Step: uninstall or disable the official WhatsApp or older FMWhatsApp APK.

Second Step: Click on the bottom below to download the new APK version.

Third Step: After completing the download of WhatsApp Fouad, access the downloads file on the phone and click on the name of the file that you just downloaded.

Fourth Step: After that, you will go to the program’s page, which displays some information about the application. Scroll the page to reach the end of it, and then click on the install button.

Fifth Step: Wait for a while until the installation is completed and then click on the Open button to start communicating with friends.

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Permissions Required

Below is the list of permissions required by FMWhatsApp to run. Make sure to read them properly before installing it :

  • Kill Background Tasks
  • Internet Access
  • Access Device Location
  • Access WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, Mike, NFC
  • Get Accounts
  • Read Contacts
  • Modify Audio Settings
  • Record Audio
  • Send SMS
  • Vibrate
  • Write Contacts
  • Write External Storage
  • Use Maps Services

FMWhatsApp vs WhatsApp – What’s The Catch?

There are many visible differences between FMWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp. One of the most noticeable differences is to hide online status, anti-delete Status & messages, increase status character length, and much more.

Hide Online StatusX
Media Sharing50MB15MB
Custom ThemesX
Anti-Delete Status/StoriesX
Free Last SeenX
Airplane ModeX
Security LockX
Disable Forwarded TagX
Disable CallingX
Backup to Google DriveX
Fast UpdatesX

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The original WhatsApp is working fine with its servers. If you want to make some changes to your application menu, try FMWhatsApp. Believe me, it will definitely surprise you! This App will provide you with the new features that are absent from the original App. The modified App can give you variety, customization, and personalization. We provided you with comprehensive detail. Now, the decision is yours, and you will face the consequences. So weigh the pros and cons, then decide what’s best for you. We can only guide you. But the decision will always be yours.

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