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How to create a fake Yo WhatsApp account?

Did you have wanted to create a fake Yo WhatsApp account for various reasons? Actually, when many people hear about creating a fake account, they think that the account is for fraud. However, not all reasons are this, some people may want to separate their work from their life, or they may want to prevent online users from snooping.

We will share with you how to create a fake Yo WhatsApp account. Note that the reason we share is to help those who do not want to show their real accounts for privacy reasons, not to allow those with malicious intent to get away with it.

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1.First let’s create a fake number, here we need to download an application called 2ndLine – US Phone Number from the app store, which will help us to get a fake number – Android users.

  • Open the 2ndLine app and register with your email address
  • Next, select a US or Canadian area code to generate a fake phone number.
  • Then select one of the numbers from the list.
  • Open your Yo WhatsApp and enter the fake number you just selected.
  • Yo WhatsApp will send a verification code to this fake number.
  • Reopen the 2ndLine app to find the message sent by Yo WhatsApp.
  • Finally, enter the verification code and start using the fake Yo WhatsApp account.

Note: This app is free trial for USA and Canada, other countries may need to buy the package.

2.Download Line2 app on your iPhone.

  • Create your account with email and name.
  • Input your phone number and obtain a verification code.
  • Select a country or region to generate a fake number.
  • Enter the fake number you just generated on your Yo WhatsApp.
  • Back to line 2, obtain the verification code.
  • Type the verification code on Yo WhatsApp and start using your fake account.

Note: Line2 app is not free, but it has 7 days trials for iphone users. So you need to pay the package after trial.

If you want to create a fake phone number with which to make a fake Yo WhatsApp account, there are many apps on Android and iPhone that can help you. Try any of these apps to secure your identity from the strangers online.

You can click the below link to view more info about YO WhatsApp Download APK latest version.

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